HPMSA-series P2000 G3 with Windows Server 2012 MPIO


HP P2000 G3 with Windows Server 2012 standard 搭配下, 原本以為下載HP official Windows MPIO DSM for EVA 即刻解決,但裝完卻無作用Orz,詢問原廠答覆是無需安裝,僅用Microsoft Windows Server 2012 MPIO即可!!


step0. servermanagercmd -install multipath-io 或GUI 安裝功能 MPIO

step1.mpclaim.exe -h // check vendor information

step2.mpclaim -e

ocsetup MultipathIo /norestart
step3.mpclaim -n -i -a // reboot 

step4.mpclaim -r // check 

**change mode**
mpclaim.exe –L –M {Number}
0: clear the policy
1: failover only
2: round robin
3: Round Robin with Subset
4: Least Queue Depth
5: Weighted Paths
6: Least Blocks
7: Vendor Specific

1) For ALUA storage, “Fail Over Only” policy is the default policy applied , #1
2) For non-ALUA storage  “Round Robin"with Subset” is the default policy used ,#2
* Please Note: The defaults only apply to new devices and to devices which have not had an LB policy set as persisted.

step5. HP原廠建議修改Windows Server Registry  " PDORemovePeriod " FC 90 sec , iSCSI 300 sec






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