[VMware] How to incremental backup for vDP


在VMware vSphere 5.1 之後vDP 備份軟體,好用歸好用但只有Full Backup ,缺了Incremental Backup!

因少了Incremental Backup總是個遺憾,原來官方也是可以啟用Incremental option,要手動針對欲備份的Guest OS一台一台的作啟用CBT (Changed Block Tracking) Orz..


CBT requires ESX/ESXi hosts at version 4.0 or newer, VMs at virtual hardware version 7 or newer, and that I/O operations go through the ESX/ESXi storage stack


How to Enable CBT

step1. Power-Off Guest OS

step2. 1.Right-click the virtual machine and click Edit Settings.

step3.Options  > General > Advanced > Configuration Parameters.

step4. Add Row > Add the ctkEnabled parameter and then set its value to true.

step5. Click Add Row, add scsi0:0.ctkEnabled, and set its value to true.  //若有一顆以上請核對每顆硬碟目前對應的scsi0:x 一一的新增上去!!

step6. .In the home directory of the virtual machine, verify that each hard disk contains a vmname-ctk.vmdk file.

2018-01-07 補充:若要Online enable CBT 可透過VMware PowerCLI
Reference > 在虚拟机上启用或禁用更改块跟踪 (Changed Block Tracking, CBT) (2078214)






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