[NAS] Asustor AS-304T with FT-1000BS UPS lost-power call PC shutdown

# 2016-10-25 draft


很簡單按照Asustor 官網說的 方式由NAS當UPS master,其它的PC則為slave角色.

solution :

step01. download WinNUT ( WinNUT- )

step02. install WinNUT-

step03. perform ‘ WinNUT Configuration Tool’

step04. 在Configuration File Path 處,點選 [Edit]

step05. MONITOR asustor@IP-address 1 admin 1111 slave // 此一資訊可以 ssh nas check > /usr/etc.base/ups/upsd.users

step06. Apply and Start WinNUT

step07. 在LogFile Path 處,點選 [view]



1. https://support.asustor.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/62/34/ups-client-slave

2. http://www.est.idv.tw/?p=198

[Network] Nortel (BNT) GbESM config trunk failover

configure  Trunk Failover procedure

建議Blade OS : Windows series 2012前版本安裝 BASP ( Broadcom Advanced Services Protocol )方能作 Teaming & VLAN multi-tagging ; 若Windows 2012 則可以用 LBFOADMIN.EXE內建Teaming NIC小組來設定。
但Windows Teaming NIC小組無法達成multi-tagging除非是用Hyper-V。

Trunk Failover mode config

/cfg/l2/trunk 1

failover ena

Blade OS NIC Broadcom BASP建議模式 SLB (Auto-Fallback Disable) ‘ ,若Intel ANS建議模式 ‘ SLA


BASP supports four types of load balancing teams:

  • Smart Load Balancing™ and Failover
  • Link Aggregation (802.3ad)
  • Generic Trunking (FEC/GEC)/802.3ad-Draft Static
  • SLB (Auto-Fallback Disable)
Intel ANS supports types of load balancing teams:

  •  AFT
  • SFT
  • ALB
  • Receive Load Balncing (RLB)
  • SLA
  • IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic Link Aggregation


1. https://www.broadcom.com/docs/support/ethernet_nic/Broadcom_NetXtreme_Server_16.2.pdf

2. http://www.intel.com.tw/content/www/tw/zh/support/network-and-i-o/ethernet-products/000005667.html

[Network] Nortel(BNT) GbESM configure LACP

Nortel (BNT) GbESM config LACP procedure

step01. disable port
>> Main# cfg/port/
Enter port (INT1-14, MGT1-2, EXT1-6):輸入埠位置
>> Port EXT5# dis
>> Port EXT6# dis
>> Main# apply
step02. config lacp
>> Main# cfg/l2/lacp/port
Enter port (INT1-14, EXT1-6):輸入埠位置
>> LACP Port EXT5# adminkey 100       //同一group設定相同;預設是該port-id ;e.g. EXT5是21
>> LACP Port EXT5# mode active
>> LACP Port EXT6# adminkey 100       

//同一group設定相同;預設是該port-id ;e.g. EXT6是22
>> LACP Port EXT6# mode active
step03. re-enable port
>> Main# cfg/port/
Enter port (INT1-14, MGT1-2, EXT1-6):輸入埠位置
>> Port EXT5# ena
>> Port EXT6# ena
>> Main# apply
step04. check lacp state
>> Main# info/l2/lacp/dump

Windows 10 無限重開機 兼 修復 ?


step01. 疑難排解 -> 高級選項 > 命令提示字元

step02. bcdedit // show resumeobject {GUID} then copy it

step03. bcdedit /set {GUID} recoveryenabled No

step04. chkdsk /r c:

step05. sfc /scannow







The boot configuration data store can not be opened.

The requested system device cannot be found.

Solution :

step01. bcdedit /enum // 確認已讀取不到開機記錄設定

step02. chkdsk /r

step03. sfc /scannow

step04. bootrec /scanos

step05. bootrec /fixmbr

step06. bootrec /fixboot

step07. bootrec /rebuildbcd

step08. bcdedit /enum // 確認已可以讀取到開機資訊

step09. reboot


[Storage] HDS HUS130 Failed to create the volume. alert “DMED270010…."


Failed to create the volume.
DMED270010: The process cannot be performed because the capacity of DP pool is insufficient or over the depletion alert value
of DP pool consumed capacity alert. Please grow the capacity of DP pool or change the depletion alert value of DP pool consumed capacity alert,

and try again.

Solution :

1.HUS130_xxxxxxxx > Groups > Volumes 
2.點擊DP pool裡頭 “000″二下進去 // HUS130_xxxxxxxx > Groups > Volumes > DP Pool-000
3.右上有個" Edit Pool Attribute “點進去
4.修改 DP Pool Consumed Capacity
    4-1. Early Alert Threshold:改為98

    4-2. Depletion Alert Threshold改為99