[Windows] How to Restart / Shutdown machine use CMD prompt

C:\> shutdown.exe /m \\{FQDN或IP} /r /f /t 0 /c “add HOTFIX KBxxxxx"

C:\> shutdown.exe /m \\{FQDN或IP} /s /f /t 0 /c “face-out machine

C:\> shutdown.exe /i


shutdown /[r|s] /m \\ComputerName /c “Comment" /d [u|p] <xx>:<yy>

Value Description
/r Restarts the remote computer.
/s Shuts down the remote computer.
/m \\ComputerName Specifies the destination computer.
/c “Comment Enables you to comment in detail about the reason for the shutdown. You can use a maximum of 511 characters. Comments must be enclosed in quotation marks.
/d [u|p] xx:yy Lists the reason for the system restart or shutdown, where xx specifies a major reason number from 0 through 255, and yy specifies a minor reason number from 0 through 65,535.
/force Forces the computer to shut down if other users are logged in. If this is not used and other users are logged in to the remote computer, the computer will not shut down or restart.

If you force the computer to shut down or restart, logged in users will not have the opportunity to save their work.
/t xxx Sets the time-out period before the system shuts down or restarts to xxx seconds. The valid range is 0-600, with a default of 30. Using the /t flag implies the /force option.