[VMware] How to Enable VMs eachother Clipboard Copy and Paste function

Solution#1 for A-VM with B-VM eachother

Modify 2 VMs .vmx add as below
isolation.tools.copy.disable   FALSE
isolation.tools.paste.disable FALSE

Solution#2 for All VMs of the Hosts

step01. login ESX/ESXi host

step02. cp /etc/vmware/config /etc/vmware/config.bak // before modify to backup it!

step03. vi /etc/vmware/config , Add these entries to the file



Reference :
VMware KB 1026437 – Clipboard Copy and Paste does not work in vSphere Client 4.1 and later

[VMware] Automatic Install VMware-Tools like unattached mode

若在作LAB是Linux environment時,除了template virtual machine  或 .ova/ovf 檔案匯入;安裝Linux後免不了要手動安裝vmware-tools.pl 一直按enter什麼都不想改是可以安裝完畢。但懶人法解開VMwareTools-x.x.x-xxxxxxx.tar.gz後執行

# ./vmware-install.pl -d default


Reference :
1. virtuallyGhetto – Automating silent installation of VMware Tools on Linux w/Automatic Kernel Modules