[NetApp] 2 nodes upper Data lif happen redundant migrate other node not work?

在一般Case案件大多安裝是一套NA,於同事發生一件案例是二套NA FAS8200等於有 4 nodes,在驗證Data Lifs過程會發生lif移到線路down port造成問題。

Sample : node1 & node 2 (pairs) ; node3 & node4 (pairs)

node1 – 拔除nic cable ,lif migrate to node3

node2 – 拔除nic cable , lif migrate to node1 (馬上GG,因為node1線路全部拔除)

Resolution :

::> net int modify -vserver {SVM} -lif {lif-name} -failover-policy broadcast-domain-wide // 預設 SVM Data Lif 都用 system-defined

** 共有五種 Failover policy **

  • broadcast-domain-wide :
    This is the default setting for the cluster management LIF.You would not want to assign this policy to node management LIFs or cluster LIFs because in those cases the ports must be on the same node.
  • system-defined :
    This is the default setting for data LIFs.This setting enables you to keep two active data connections from two unique nodes when performing software updates. It allows for rolling upgrades; rebooting either odd-numbered or even-numbered nodes at the same time.
  • local-only:
    This is the default setting for cluster LIFs and node management LIFs.

    This value cannot be changed for cluster LIFs.

  • sfo-partner-only :
    Only those ports in the failover group that are on the LIF’s home node and its SFO (storage failover) partner node.
  • disabled:
    The LIF is not configured for failover.

    Reference :
    NetApp – Types of failover policies





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