[Web] Let use HFS be security + STunnel

讓如何HFS.exe小型網頁伺服器可以使用 SSL 443加密呢? 那就是找個伴侶唄..

step01. download STunnel 工具

step02. 下載好即安裝它 ‘ stunnel-5.49-win32-installer.exe’ 過程是在產生憑證自行定義之。

step03. 編輯 %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\stunnel\config\stunnel.conf

拿掉註解 ‘ ; ‘分號
; TLS front-end to a web server
accept = 443
connect = 80
cert = stunnel.pem
; “TIMEOUTclose = 0″ is a workaround for a design flaw in Microsoft SChannel
; Microsoft implementations do not use TLS close-notify alert and thus they
; are vulnerable to truncation attacks
;TIMEOUTclose = 0
————————————stunnel.conf end————————————

step04. stunnel > Configuration > Reload Configuration

step05. try HFS , https://HFS-ip-address

Enjoy ^O^!

[Linux] How to use Memtest86+ v5.01 from PXE boot on BIOS

step01. ready Binary zip/gz file , 載點

step02. create /memtest86boot directory

step03. extract zip/gz file , then put ‘memtest86+-5.01.bin‘ into /MT folder

step04. download ‘some one custome tfptd packages environment

step05. extract MemTest86.zip , rename ‘PXE_Mem_test’ to ‘MT86’

step06. perform ‘TFTPD32’

step08.extract memtest86+ v5.01 binary zip/gz pub ‘MT’ , remove .bin extension otherwise it will NOT BOOT!


step09. TFTPD32 settings > TFTP Base directory 指向 ‘%path%MT86’

step10. DHCP > Boot file : pxememtest.0

Let’s use hardware on BIOS environment to PXE boot + memtest86+..
Enjoy !

Reference :
* Symantec – Running Memtest86+ Using the Altiris PXE Server
* wiki.seanmadden.net – Memtest over PXEBoot
How To Setup a custom PXE Server on Windows OS