[HPE] ProLiant DL380p Gen8 iLO4 GUI show “Embedded Flash/SD-CARD: Failed restart.."

客戶反應iLO4反應有點怪怪,雖作過拔除電源斷電一分鐘但狀況依舊。且感覺它都時常會有 hang state ,用 ping iLO4卻是有回應不掉封包。在 iLO4 登入畫面會常顯示 “iLO Self-Test report a problem with :Embedded Flash/SD-CARD: Failed restart..view details on Diagnostics page. " 及 “Connection with iLO cannot be established. If you recently made changes to the network configurations,you may need to refresh this page to re-negotiate an SSL connection."

HPE原廠建議solution as below list

upgrade iLO4 to 2.44 or newer (因 2.44才支援能格式化 SD-Flash media {NAND} )

NAND Format Methods

* From the iLO 4 GUI (requires iLO 4 firmware version 2.61 or newer)
* From the Onboard Administrator (for servers in HPE BladeSystem c3000/c7000 Enclosures only)
* From Windows OS (using the HPQLOCFG.exe utility)
* From Windows PowerShell (using HPE iLO cmdlets for PowerShell)
* From Linux or VMware (using the hponcfg utility)

而我選擇用下載 HPQLOCFG.exe utility from “Software – Lights-Out Management v5.0.0" 需安裝在本機電腦上唷。

step03. 編輯腳本 force_format.xml (可隨意命名只要在用 hpqlocfg.exe 指定對的.xml名稱即可)

<RIB_INFO MODE="write">

在格代化前 (1.升級iLO4 v2.53以上 , 2.重開iLO ,3.接上電源不開機狀態下作格式化)

“c:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility\HPQLOCFG.exe" -f force_format.xml -s iLO的IP -u iLO最高權限 -p iLO密碼

**若成功在命令提示列會看到 “Forcing a format of the partition after the iLO reset“字樣,且在iLO4 event log “Embedded Flash/SD-CARD: One or more storage devices have been formatted."
最後有格式化成功查看 iLO4 > Information > System Information > Firmware > Intelligent Provisioning (版本會變成 N/A 狀態)

step05. 下載 " HP Intelligent Provisioning Recovery Media " 或"多版本 HPE IPRM
(PS: 對應版本如下
Gen8 servers supports Intelligent Provisioning 1.x
Gen9 servers supports Intelligent Provisioning 2.x
Gen10 servers supports Intelligent Provisioning 3.x

step06. 開機按下 F11 Boot menu

step07.進入後選第一個 “Intelligent Provisioning Recovery Media"
> Verifying system settings This may take up to 30 seconds
> Running flash process Please wait until process is complete.
> Update Complate – you must reboot to apply your changes.

step08. 再把iLO4 restart ( Information > Diagnostics > reset )

step09. 再查看 iLO health 已不是 degrade ,其二. Intelligent Provisioning firmware有版本出現不在是 N/A state .


(若以上幫不了你則請更換主機板吧…..God bless you …..)

1. HPE ProLiant Gen8 Servers – How to Reinstall or Upgrade Intelligent Provisioning

2. HPE Document ID: c04996097 ,v10 – Advisory: (Revision) HPE Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO 4) – HPE Active Health System (AHS) Logs and HPE OneView Profiles May Be Unavailable Causing iLO Self-Test Error 8192, Embedded Media Manager and Other Errors

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5. 狸貓先生愛廢話講堂 – HPE Server 動手做 – ProLiant Gen9 的 Embedded Flash 故障造成 Intelligent Provisioning 無法啟動問題

[Network] HPE OfficeConnect 1910/1920 / 1950 呼叫出隱藏所有指令

HPE OfficeConnect 1910/1920 呼叫隱藏所有指令方法
Step01. 輸入 _cmdline-mode on
Step02. 密碼為 Jinhua1920unauthorized

HPE OfficeConnect 1950 呼叫隱藏所有指令方法
step01. 輸入 xtd-cli-mode
step02. 密碼為 foes-bent-pile-atom-ship