[Nutanix] How to unregister cluster from Prism Central

step01. Enable the “remove-from-multicluster" option
ntnx@cvm$ ncli -h true

step02. Unregister the cluster from Prism Central
ncli> multicluster remove-from-multicluster external-ip-address-or-svm-ips= username=admin password=P@ssw0rd123 force=true

step03. check
ncli> multicluster get-cluster-state
ncli> cluster info

step04. Log on to the Prism Central VM through an SSH session (as the “nutanix" user) and do the following
[pcvm]$ python /home/nutanix/bin/unregistration_cleanup.py <要unregister-cluster-的uuid>

**if has calm , need run as below , no please skip this command ,next
[pcvm]$ python /home/nutanix/bin/calm_unregistered_pe_details.py

[pcvm]$ ncli cluster info

step04. Go back to the Controller VM
ntnx@cvm$ sudo chmod 750 /home/nutanix/bin/unregistration_cleanup.py
ntnx@cvm$ python /home/nutanix/bin/unregistration_cleanup.py <輸入上面步驟取得Prism Central cluster UUID>

Enjoy ^O^