[Server] Dell PowerEdge R740 message “Lifecycle controller is in Recovery Mode"


step01. SSH iDRAC IP ,
(註) ID / Password : root / 目前不若之前用calvin 已改採用像HP iLO面板前都有出專屬預設密碼。

racadm set LifecycleController.LCAttributes.LifecycleControllerState 0 // Disabled
racadm set LifecycleController.LCAttributes.LifecycleControllerState 1 // Enabled
(註) first disabled then enabled it LCC


[VMware]Huananzhi X79-8D onboard NIC (Realtek 8168) custom ESXi 6.7x image

PS > Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

PS> Install-Module -Name VMware.PowerCLI

Download " ESXi-Customizer-PS-v2.6.0.ps1 " , download link (至今是最新作者說是最後一版)

Download Realtek 8168 for ESXi driver , download link
Reference : https://vibsdepot.v-front.de/wiki/index.php/Net55-r8168#Direct_Download_links

Download VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) Offline Bundle (PS: not .ISO installer boot cd !)
e.g. I want to install ESXi 6.7 Update 2 , filename : update-from-esxi6.7-6.7_update02.zip

PS> Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

PS> .\ESXi-Customizer-PS-v2.6.0.ps1
(If you don’t care warning message ,if yes , please type as below command-lin >
PS> Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -Scope User -ParticipateInCEIP $true

PS> ./ESXi-Customizer-PS-v2.6.0.ps1 -izip update-from-esxi6.7-6.7_update03.zip -dpt net55-r8168-8.045a-napi-offline_bundle.zip -load net55-r8168

PS D:\temp> ./ESXi-Customizer-PS-v2.6.0.ps1 -izip update-from-esxi6.7-6.7_update03.zip -dpt net55-r8168-8.045a-napi-offline_bundle.zip -load net55-r8168

Unblock-File Cmdlet 來允許執行指令碼,而不顯示此警告訊息。您要執行 D:\temp\ESXi-Customizer-PS-v2.6.0.ps1 嗎?
[D] 不要執行(D)  [R] 執行一次(R)  [S] 暫停(S)  [?] 說明 (預設值為 "D"): R

This is ESXi-Customizer-PS Version 2.6.0 (visit https://ESXi-Customizer-PS.v-front.de for more information!)
(Call with -help for instructions)

Logging to C:\Users\duke\AppData\Local\Temp\ESXi-Customizer-PS-3020.log ...

Running with PowerShell version 5.1 and VMware PowerCLI version

Adding base Offline bundle update-from-esxi6.7-6.7_update03.zip ... [OK]

Connecting additional depot net55-r8168-8.045a-napi-offline_bundle.zip ... [OK]

Getting Imageprofiles, please wait ... [OK]

Using Imageprofile ESXi-6.7.0-20190802001-standard ...
(dated 08/08/2019 09:57:28, AcceptanceLevel: PartnerSupported,
Updates ESXi 6.7 Image Profile-ESXi-6.7.0-20190802001-standard)

Load additional VIBs from Online depots ...
   Add VIB net55-r8168 8.045a-napi [New AcceptanceLevel: CommunitySupported] [OK, added]

Exporting the Imageprofile to 'D:\temp\ESXi-6.7.0-20190802001-standard-customized.iso'. Please be patient ...

All done.
-------------------------------   END  ---------------------------------

1. networkguy – Installing Realtek Driver on ESXi 6.7
2. 流水上面的一塊葉 – Vmware ESXi 6.7 make your unsupported NIC work – 在不支援的Network card 上面可以進行安裝
3. S小魚仔S 使用 ESXi-Customizer-PS 封裝 Esxi 6.5 Realtek、ACHI 驅動程式
4. 可丁丹尼 @ 一路往前走2.0 – ESXi 新增Realtek網路驅動
5. VMware Front Experience – ESXi-Customizer-PS

[IBM] x3650 M4 Setting BIOS Parameters for Performance

step01. press ‘F1‘ enter UEFI/BIOS

step02. choice ‘System Settings

step03. choice ‘Operating Modes

Choose Operating Mode <Custom Mode>
Memory Speed <Max Performance>
Memory Power Management <Disabled>
Proc Performance States <Disabled>
C1 Enhanced Mode <Disabled>
QPI Link Frequency <Max Performance>
Turbo Mode <Enable>
CPU C-States <Disable>
Power/Performance Bias <Platform Controlled>
Platform Controlled Type <Maximum Performance>


step04. choice ‘Power’
Active Energy Manager < Capping Disabled>
Workload Configuration < I/O sensitive>



  • Active Energy Manager

    Select this choice to enable or disable Active Energy Manager Power Capping. If you enable Power Capping, the Active Energy Manager program will limit the maximum power that is consumed by the server.

  • Workload Configuration

    Select this choice to determine how to balance between I/O bandwidth and balanced workload. Choosing I/O sensitive will get higher I/O bandwidth when expansion cards are used. Choosing Balanced will allow enough frequency for the workload while the microprocessor cores are idle.