[IBM] x3650 M4 Setting BIOS Parameters for Performance

step01. press ‘F1‘ enter UEFI/BIOS

step02. choice ‘System Settings

step03. choice ‘Operating Modes

Choose Operating Mode <Custom Mode>
Memory Speed <Max Performance>
Memory Power Management <Disabled>
Proc Performance States <Disabled>
C1 Enhanced Mode <Disabled>
QPI Link Frequency <Max Performance>
Turbo Mode <Enable>
CPU C-States <Disable>
Power/Performance Bias <Platform Controlled>
Platform Controlled Type <Maximum Performance>


step04. choice ‘Power’
Active Energy Manager < Capping Disabled>
Workload Configuration < I/O sensitive>



  • Active Energy Manager

    Select this choice to enable or disable Active Energy Manager Power Capping. If you enable Power Capping, the Active Energy Manager program will limit the maximum power that is consumed by the server.

  • Workload Configuration

    Select this choice to determine how to balance between I/O bandwidth and balanced workload. Choosing I/O sensitive will get higher I/O bandwidth when expansion cards are used. Choosing Balanced will allow enough frequency for the workload while the microprocessor cores are idle.